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The Otech Group is a international subsea supplier to the oil & gas, shipping and aquaculture industry. Through our own companies and partnerships we are promoting specialized services, solutions and innovation worldwide.



Our objectives/vision
Otech Group has established its position within the subsea industry through years of solving challenges subsea. Our commitment towards delivering quality and efficiency has developed an organization of employees and companies able to create, innovate and deliver.
Based in Norway, with years of operational success, we are proud to offer our clients a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet their challenges and develop long-term relationships ensuring quality, safety and environment.
We shall continue our growth, developing our range of services, improve innovation and be a leader, not follower, in the subsea sector worldwide.
Our core values are transmitted to all employees and we commit, in all aspects of our business, to be:

O bservant                 T rustworthy                 E fficient                  C onscious                 H onest

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