Interview with Otechs Dive Operation Manager- Next generation diving systems

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Diving systems are constantly developing, Anders what type of systems do you think will be developed in the next years?

More mobile dive systems will most definitely come, Submarine Manufacturing & Products (SMP) have some really fascinating and innovative design on everything from scuba replacement system to 6-18 man saturation spreads, all IMCA, all mobile.

When being subsea the work is mostly done alone, how do you think innovative diving systems could make it more of a team work?

Well, having said that I believe more and more mobile dive spreads will take the frontier of this decade I think the possibility arises to have more than one dive spread on a single work platforms being DSV/MPSV/quayside/barges or using different types of setup in operation. Setting up a multi depth level dive, diving operations are easier when all you need is located in containers.

What functions are vital for an excellent diving system?

Not as much of a function, but a good design is vital. In my opinion the way to go is to follow DNV DS-403 and IMCA design standards when building or redesigning spreads.

How important is a well-equipped diving station for a diving operation?

It can prove to be the difference between life and death in emergency situations and with that said I think I’ve said enough.

How would you describe next generations diving system especially adapted to the rig market?
The most obvious answer would be, depends if rig market is offshore or inshore. However, in my opinion there shouldn’t be any difference. Why use lesser equipment standards inshore than offshore? That has been the trend for many years, but it is about to change. Having a well-designed, efficient and safe diving system you will experience less break down, more possibilities and a safer way of operating. I hope for the inshore rig market both for Norway and Spain that the common denominator will be IMCA. So I don’t think specially adapted diving system for the rig market is the way to go, I would rather aim for a globalized dive standard to force all contractors to advance.

Interview with Anders Bertelsen- Dive Operation Manager OTECH

avantInterview with Otechs Dive Operation Manager- Next generation diving systems

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