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Offshore West Africa- FPSO

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Through February and March of 2017, the Otech team has been working offshore the West African coast in Mauritania.

A FPSO vessel was the target with a scope including inspection, cleaning, measurements and general IMR. As always excecution time was of high importance.

The Otech project team, consisting of technicians, dive supervisor, divers and engineers prepared the equipment and personnel mobilization utilizing the resources both in Norway and Las Palmas.

Our LDC vessel, designed for offshore operations, supported the crew during the operations, keeping our quality and safety standard. 


administradorOffshore West Africa- FPSO
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Historic photograph!

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During one of our operations our divers managed to capture an historic moment in the history of Otech. This photo showing six divers gathered in the water at the same time is for us evidence that our investments in equipment improves the efficiency and increase the potential to expand our operations.


Surely this picture will be with us for a long time, and we want to say thank you to all of our employees who make such memorable moments possible. 



avantHistoric photograph!
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