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Offshore West Africa- FPSO

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Through February and March of 2017, the Otech team has been working offshore the West African coast in Mauritania.

A FPSO vessel was the target with a scope including inspection, cleaning, measurements and general IMR. As always excecution time was of high importance.

The Otech project team, consisting of technicians, dive supervisor, divers and engineers prepared the equipment and personnel mobilization utilizing the resources both in Norway and Las Palmas.

Our LDC vessel, designed for offshore operations, supported the crew during the operations, keeping our quality and safety standard. 


administradorOffshore West Africa- FPSO
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FPSO Knarr- Nitrox proves its value..

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What was initially thought to be an inspection turned out to be one of the most extensive projects in 2014 for Otech Norway.


After mooring the Petrojarl FPSO Knarr at Aibel several weeks of complex, deep surface diving operations was initiated, including testing of turret mooring system. Planning together with Aibel, DOF Subsea and Teekay resulted in high focus of performing safe diving at 30 meters depth several weeks following NORSOK U-103.


“Great to see that investment in nitrox and hotwater system can give such increased efficiency” was the short comment from our Founder Odd Tveit in December.


In the cold waters of Norway, the project really verify the benefits of hot water suits and use of Nitrox as breathing mix providing maximum bottom times.




avantFPSO Knarr- Nitrox proves its value..
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